JSCert: Certified JavaScript

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New: our code is available on github. For a quick tour of the Coq development, click here.

The JSCert project aims to really understand JavaScript. JSCert itself is a mechanised specification of JavaScript, written in the Coq proof assistant, which closely follows the ECMAScript 5 English standard. JSRef is a reference interpreter for JavaScript in OCaml, which has been proved correct with respect to JSCert and tested with the Test 262 test suite.

Here you will find the publications and open-source code associated with JSCert. We plan to build other verification and analysis projects on top of JSCert and JSRef, and very much hope other people find them similarly useful.

This project is an ongoing collaboration between INRIA and Imperial College, consisting of the following people:


Imperial College



  • Martin Bodin
  • Arthur Chargu√©raud
  • Daniele Filaretti
  • Philippa Gardner
  • Sergio Maffeis
  • Daiva Naudziuniene
  • Alan Schmitt
  • Gareth Smith